152. The Warning
Monday — September 25th, 2017

152. The Warning

Me until I catch up on Game of Thrones, basically.

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Moose Kid Comics Issue Three!

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three is out! It’s a glorious all-ages comic packed full of colourful characters and stories from 30+ of the UK (and beyond’s) finest cartoonists including Jamie Smart (who is also creator and editor), Gary Northfield, Jess Bradley, Tom Paterson and loads more. As ever, I’m privileged to be involved with another page featuring the clanking robo-antics of ambling obsolescents, Gimbal and Chug. You can read/download the whole thing here in all it’s zany glory –> Moose Kid Comics

Issues One and Two are there too, as is the brilliant Christmas special from last year :)

That was 2015, that was



Hi! I’ve had a couple of queries about the blog/site recently, so thought I’d add a little update.  I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to keep things active around here, but I’ve been very busy over the last year or so and drawn more comic pages in that time than in the previous three or four years combined!

Anyone that would like to keep up with what I’m doing can check out my Tumblr which I’ve been using to post sketches and doodles - alotron.tumblr.com

The way people use and access the internet is changing at a vertiginous rate, it seems, from the open web-browser, dedicated website model to the mobile internet model of linked app-silos (Facebook. Twitter, Tumblr etc), and we creators have to move with it, I think.  I’ll probably start posting full comics on those sites as well as here, so give me a follw if you feel like it! This site will of course remain and I’ll continue to update it with new stuff as and when, and it serves as a nice archive.

The web is dead, long live the internet!


Comics superchamp Michael V. Bramley is running a Kickstarter to fund a trade paperback of his and artist Josh Mathus’s collected Sherbet Locke stories.  Sherbet is a fascinating character, a sort of Holmesian future-noir paranormal detective. She’s written with flair and drawn with dark energetic grace. There’s only a wee while left to back theproject and bag a copy of the book, so get on it!

Michael asked me (and others in a wide variety of styles) to do a pin-up of Sherbet to accompany the launch and book, so here’s a scaled-down version for your viewing pleasure:

Update: The book was funded well ahead of schedule! Congrats to all.  There’s now a 10k stretchgoal to get the book in partial colour, which means colour pin-up pages! Well worth backing!