151. Blowing Bubbles
May 19th, 2016

151. Blowing Bubbles

Hello! How have ye been?

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  1. Helen

    Hehehehe very welcome back!!!

  2. pappa mick

    shortlived comeback.

  3. Sandy

    Thus the transmigration of souls, through the medium of bubble gum.

  4. joe

    love it (said in tubridy voice)

  5. hiller

    Great use of ‘shlorp!’, the same sound I believe was heard when Eamon Gilmore disappeared up the arse of Fine Gael

  6. Joseph

    YaY! What a way to burst your bubble!

  7. Anonymous

    : D

  8. Justin

    I love the facial expressions on these. Great strip, as always!

  9. Tony McGurk

    So how Faraday is the Bubble Cloned Faraday???

  10. nkh

    The origin of Faraday the Blob, revealed at last!

    (It’s blobs all the way down.)

  11. daratrek10

    nice strip dad (suggestion) make a strip where faraday and mr elf make a sport it would be funny

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