62. Back again…
September 4th, 2009

62. Back again…

Mr. Elf is cultivating vegetables in preparation for the impending collapse of civilisation.

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  1. aoife

    fantastic! Love it. I want to be reincarnated! xx

  2. Dr. Dan

    It starts with Lettuce-Raum, and before you know it snails are being rounded up.. When will we learn?

  3. Sandy

    And all the other Aryan vegetables can shout ‘Slug-HEIL’!

    Amazing artwork, as always.

    (ps. Just noticed that your first initial and last name work out to ‘Aryan’, now I’m worried my above comment will cause offence.)

  4. Alotron

    Aoife – thanks! But what would you like to be?

    Dr. Dan – who will heed the lessons of history? Today: the cauliflower patch, tomorrow: Poland…

    Sandy – Excellent! Maybe I’ll bring Slug-Fuhrer back just to steal that punch line!
    Also: no offence taken! I had noticed that my name read like that at the bottome of the strip.. maybe I should add a middle initial!

  5. Tweeva

    Ah, I’d forgotten this one!! Very much enjoying the top 10 count down!

  6. George

    Your art is amazing!

  7. Alotron

    Thanks George :D

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