65. Nature Adores a Vacuum
September 25th, 2009

65. Nature Adores a Vacuum

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  1. Keoghbot

    Nice Ren & Stimpy action with the 5 bucks!

  2. Dr. Dan

    That finger through the five bucks just made my day!

  3. Alotron

    Gentlemen, I had a feeling you might like that!

  4. Anonymous

    are u sticking your middle finger up

  5. Stacy

    Haha! Love Faraday! Going through your older stuff while I wait for your newer ones. Hope you’re settling down okay in your new home.

  6. May Lehmann

    LOL! More more more… Btw, thanks for the link to Spacetrawler… :)

  7. Gaby

    Now this is funny! More please?? Keep it coming.

  8. Glennda Mirabete

    Hahahaha, I love the eyes that popped out,lol.

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