Yo dudes, I got a comic about everybody’s favourite old-school thrash band, Metallica, in this week’s Kerrang! magazine.  They do a ‘komic’ supplement once a year and this year I was asked to be involved.  As a teenage Kerrang! buyer and life-long Metallica fan, sure how could I resist :)

I’m in there with fellow Beano scribbler, Steve Beckett and the guitarist from Good Charlotte ( a comic book artist in his own right – who knew?) amongst others.  It’s fun. My strip allowed me to draw one of my favourite bands in a couple of compromising scenarios, sample below!

Check it out if you like rock, Metallica or comics, yo.  If you don’t like any of these things… I dunno, there are no words.

It’s in the shops ’til next Thursday or so.

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  1. Bob Byrne

    Ha!Nice one. Spot on likenesses

  2. Alan

    Cheers Bob. Took a few goes to get them down – Hetfield is a divil to caricature!

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