Cobber’s Christmas
December 19th, 2014

Cobber’s Christmas

Here’s an old (old) Christmas comic that I’m uploading as it’s wierdly relevant to 2014. It stars Cobber Koala, a character I had for a while who just couldn’t catch a break.  Ever.  The indifferent universe was anything but for this guy.  The last time I drew him, I think he was stranded in the searing heat of the desert with only a bottle of molluscs to drink :(

I think I made it for a Christmas card, but can’t really remember.  Apologies for the horrible digital artifacts & colouring – this was pre-Wacom and I had genuinely no idea what I was doing!

Happy Christmas all o’ yiz!

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  1. Bearman

    Happy ebola free christmas

  2. Alotron

    Cheers Bearman. Happy Xmas to you too!

  3. Tony McGurk

    He woulda been better off with ebola cereal

  4. Alotron

    Very good, Tony!

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