80. Snowflak
January 15th, 2010

80. Snowflak


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  1. Sandy


    Now I’m all freaked out that I’ll get kthanged by a snowflake, thanks.

  2. Alotron

    Hey Sandy – I should have spared a thought for those living in snowier climes before posting this! As with most adverse weather conditions, you should be ok as long as you venture out of doors prepared – though in this case that might mean growing a titanium exoskeleton…

  3. Sandy

    Couldn’t evolve my exoskelton fast enough, so I’ve take to wearing my hockey helmet day and night. Makes me look ‘special’, but you can’t be too careful in these uncertain times.

  4. Colm

    The Blob has more attitude than i remember from the skool daze.. ;)

  5. rttrr


  6. Alotron

    Colm - More power to yer memory!
    Rttrr – Thanks, I think…

  7. Sam

    I love ‘climate change’ … great how terminology changes once one tax-raising excuse is proven to be bull :) … Warmest period in the last 2000 years was the Medieval Warm Period about 800 years ago… but hey, Cap&Trade will make the rich even richer.

  8. Frankie D.

    That’s bollocks, Sam….

  9. Awesome

    Hah! True that, Sam.

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