85. The Case of the Montefiore Emeralds
February 26th, 2010

85. The Case of the Montefiore Emeralds

Mulligan is back!

I don’t know why a Count would hire a dog either.

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  1. aoife

    aw… poor mulligan! cool to see him back on another adventure. Ma’am I’m just a dog! xox

  2. Sandy

    I am completely geeking out on your artwork! The detail, the fading/reflecting shadows on the museum floor, the security guy’s face… *sigh*

  3. Caoimhe

    “NO DOGS ALLOWED” dun dun dun! Snoopy Come Home!! Very nice!

  4. Alotron

    Aoife – There’ll be more Mulligan later in the year!

    Sandy – Thanks man, I really glad you appreciate the art! Your kind words will definitely be very encouraging during those 2am/still haven’t finished flatting/why do I bother/just do stickmen moments!!

    Caoimhe – Yes indeed! I had that song stuck in my head while drawing this one – which made me remember that other song from the film ‘do you remember me…’ which in turn made me sad!

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