92. Ashes to Smashes
April 26th, 2010

92. Ashes to Smashes

(Don’t) Fly, you Fools!

Apols for the lateness – this was slightly more topical when I started drawing it last week :)

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  1. Sandy

    He got on the plane in order to say “I told you so!”
    (Some ‘I told you so’s’ are worth dying for).

  2. Helen

    Ha ha, the look on the raving lunatics face is pricless!! Love the ash cloud, but I may never fly again!!

  3. K

    Superb 2.

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  5. Ferbus

    Haha – next time I meet a guy with a piano tie and a rubber duck on his head I’m listening to him

  6. aoife

    I love the line ‘why oh why didn’t we listen to him’ xox

  7. Alotron

    Thanks for all yer comments!
    @Sandy – some ‘told you so’s’ probably are worth paying the ultimate price for – breathing your last with a look of smug self-satisfaction on your face instead of raw terror…
    @Ferbus – generally a sound policy – but not for those that claim they *invented* the piano tie!

  8. Bearman

    @Sandy…it’s kind of like people who voted for Nader. Even in their defeat they still say I told you so.

  9. Hiller

    Obviously not a RyanAir flight, there’s no way you’d get Faraday into one of those seats.

  10. Alotron

    @Bearman …too true
    @Hiller – Heh, yeah – He can’t fly Ryanair anyway because he’s nowhere to keep the change for the Jacks!

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