Beset by Pedants!

Thank you to all those sharp eyed folk out there who noticed that in the last panel of last week’s comic (December 12th), Faraday was speaking into the telephone receiver upside down!

It’s amazing that you can look at something for literally hours, and not spot such a basic and glaring mistake… Gah! I checked the archives, and lo and behold in the strip of September 26th (‘Darth Blob‘), Faraday is using that very same phone in the correct manner… oops.

Keep up the good work folks. Keep me on my toes!

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  1. A. Pedant

    Faraday also uses the phone i’m the incorrect upside down fashion in “Talent is for amateurs” (October 3rd, panel 3). I initially thought it was deliberate, but now I’ve been given a glimpse of the disorganisation behind the curtain I’ll be sure to scour every panel for minor errors.

  2. Alotron

    Argh! Maybe I should just stop drawing telephones! From now on Faraday will be conducting all of his affairs by (upside down) fax…