111. Gorra Light, Bud?
September 24th, 2010

111. Gorra Light, Bud?

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  1. Keoghbot

    heh heh “bethar”.. does the Ireland soccer jersey on fathead skanger have NAMA as the sponser?..

  2. Dr. Dan

    Bleedin’ deadly episode!

    Is that Christopher Walken-stown?

  3. pappamick

    luv the heroin chic look of the dude in black t shirt and the Nama reference on the udders jersey.Beware John quiff Delaney will doubtless claim credit for the latter deal.

  4. Helen

    Why does the bite on his ear change sides? Still laughing btw

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  6. Alotron

    Thanks for the comments, buds.
    @Keoghbot/pappamick – well spotted! NAMA seemed like an appropriate sponsor for dear little ireland at the moment.
    Dan – Ha ha, no, it’s not Mr. Walkenstown I’m afraid – might put him in a later strip though… bud.
    Helen – Hmm… No other reason than I forget sometimes!

  7. Sandy

    Most excellent, as always! Love the second to last panel, he totally looks like a burnt out match stick, nice!

  8. Alotron

    Cheers Sandy :)

  9. Darell Caver

    you mad freak! That’s brilliant!

  10. keynote speaker

    hahaha… thats funny. i so love that rabbit. hahahah…

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