126. Spring in the Air
April 2nd, 2011

126. Spring in the Air

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  1. jynksie

    I give that landing 8.5! *grin*

  2. Brad

    I love a nice spring garden.

  3. Tweeva

    I see what you did there!

    Also, I will spend all day speculating about the delicious possible flavours of Señor Snack.

  4. Anonymous

    Tee hee!

  5. bman (The Underfold)

    Starting to notice that whenever that rabbit’s around… puns happen.

  6. Bearman

    Had to look up Gobshite….you know I am not up on the Irish colloquialisms

  7. Alotron

    Jynksie - An elegant descent, flailing limbs, nose first in the mud, arse over elbow. A thing of beauty.

    Brad - Ah, the way they explode into life.

    bman - His name’s Bunzo – might have to change it to Punzo ;)

    Bearman - Gobshite: A skilled practitioner of the dank art of Gobshitery. Chances are you’ve met a few!

  8. Helen

    What garden centre can I buy them in???
    And I thought the term Gobshite had travelled???

  9. K

    Ptowng! & Paf! are perfect.

  10. Keoghbot

    where can I get some Senor Snack treats? pickled mustache n’ salsa flavour? smokey tequila worm n’ onion flavour? prawn cocktail?.. i’m intrigued!

  11. Alotron

    Helen – They had a few in Woodies last time I was there. On special too.
    I think the word ‘Gobshite’ is probably only known to people who’ve seen ‘In Bruges’…

    K – I originally had Ptowng?, but the Question mark was too distracting.

    Tweeva/ Keoghbot- Señor Snack is popularly known as ‘Señor Crack’ to devoted aficionados of his outrageously delicious tuber-based snack products.

    The exact recipe for his (in)famous ‘Five Dimensions’ double-fried triple-baked thirteen-spice Cheez-a-geddon™ maize puffs is rumoured to have been handed down across countless generations from a long dead pre-Mayan central American civilisation. It is so closely guarded that protecting it has claimed at least 6 (confirmed) lives since 1946. Several people are also reported to have gone mad upon hearing it (unconfirmed).

    ♪♫ “Got that craving? Don’t delay!
    Put Señor Snack in your face today!”

  12. George

    Heh…I’d hate to see what he’s got planned for Fall. :D

  13. Sandy

    Who knew the Microsoft XP default desktop image was in the land of Faraday? Although, that it is booby-trapped should have been a clue…

  14. Helen

    I’m going to plant some randomly. Should be very entertaining when Poppy dog goes out to the garden for pee pees!!!

  15. Alotron

    George – Spring forward; Fall back :0
    Sandy - That image was always to good to be true!
    Helen - Video plz!

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