47. The Mummy’s Curse (with extra cheese)
May 22nd, 2009

47. The Mummy’s Curse (with extra cheese)

Continuity?  Surely not!

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  1. Dr. Dan

    Continuity eh? Well that fez better be in the same place in the next ep.. Roll on part three!

    Your colours and textures are just getting better and better.. Nice work! Gold star! No homework for you tonight!

  2. Alotron

    Cheers man!

    I’ll try not to get too lax with my fez placement in future episodes… Please also note: correct use of telephone receiver!

  3. John K

    Ditto to the good doctor’s compliments! The depth o’ field effect on panel 2 is most splendid..

  4. Malcolm

    It reminded me of the time when I was in grade school, given a husky voice at such a tender age I manage to pull off the same prank over my parents.

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