130. Cunning Punts
June 23rd, 2011

130. Cunning Punts

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  1. Sandy

    It’s like when you’re holding something really expensive, some part of you just wants to smash it.
    Love how Faraday flies out of the frame in panel three, btw…

  2. Darrin

    love breaking the border in panel 3, was hoping he was going to fly into the header.

  3. Helen

    Ha ha ha….

  4. Bearman

    Darrin took my remark.

  5. Alotron

    Cheers guys – Hmmm… might try and make that happen!

  6. K

    Excellent entry stage right in panel one.

    We hope fatherhood, wife & baby are all good.

  7. Brad

    Expert punting skills!

  8. Hiller

    Any chance we’ll see Faraday appear in an alternate universe, where he discovers he’s the sliotar in a Tipp vs Dublin All-Ireland Final. Tipp win of course.

  9. Helen

    was the little brown dog playing fetch??

  10. jynksie

    Who doesn’t want to occasionally give their friends a good swift kick in the balls?! TO THE MOON ALICE! o.O

  11. Alotron

    K – Positively vaudvillian! All good here thanks – hope all’s well with you and yours also!
    Brad - Puntmaster!
    Hiller - Big fucking sliotar! Not a bad idea though, except for one obvious flaw in your scenario….
    Helen - The little brown dog in panel 4 has wandered in oblivious to the events unfolding – he thinks he’s lost something, maybe something important, but he can’t remember what it is… He thinks it might have been somewhere around there so he’s looking anyway, hoping that when he finds it he’ll remember what it is. It may be that he himself is lost.
    Jynksie - Sometimes friends need a good kicking now and then!

  12. Helen

    OMG, the little brown dog is me……..

  13. Alotron

    The little brown dog is all of us sometimes

  14. joe

    best title ever

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