132. You’ve Grot Mail
July 20th, 2011

132. You’ve Grot Mail

One of these panels is completely digital (due to an unfortunate inking incident) – but which one is it?


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  1. Aoife

    love it and would take mildewed n scientists over empty bags i’m supposed to fill with my precious things!

  2. Brad

    The three legged chair isn’t so bad. He could lean it up against a wall.

  3. bman (The Underfold)

    That mailman has one of them there Mary Poppin’s bags.

  4. Alotron

    Aoife - Registered Charity No. 45584333488764
    Brad - Now that’s the kind of out of the box thinking we like around here!
    bman - Standard issue these days! It’s even kitted out inside with tea and coffee making facilities and a compact recreation area so he can climb in and have his lunch in there.

  5. bman (The Underfold)

    Also, my guess for the digital panel is the first one.

  6. Brad

    Yeah, I’m gonna say the first panel as well.

  7. Ciarán

    I think it’s one of the middle two panels (just to be different)

  8. Alotron

    It’s panel three guys. Being different brings it own rewards Ciarán (there is no prize).

  9. jynksie

    Your panels looked seamless, I couldn’t tell the hand drawing from the digital version. I’d have to qualify this as a full monty compliment because I usually prefer giving them in a backhanded manner! *grin*

  10. Icalasari

    Trick question. It’s all four. You said one of them is digital. Well, one of them CAN be digital if ALL of them are :D

  11. Me

    I guessed it was the 3rd panel because in that one all the writing is the same

  12. Alan

    Ah, but all of my lettering is digital…

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