137. Some Assembly Required
December 7th, 2011

137. Some Assembly Required

Possibly based on a true story :|

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  1. Bearman

    Someone make a trip to Ikea lately?

  2. NKH

    I know it’s probably not, but I am really wanting this to be a series / story arc.

  3. Brad

    Panel 9 makes me happy to be alive!

  4. Hiller

    Love the instruction booklet, you’ve definitely been IKEAed.
    I must say, they do a great bookcase.

  5. Justin

    I think this may be my favorite Faraday comic ever. I also think I need to seriously reconsider buying any flat pack furniture anytime soon, for the sake of my sanity.

  6. aoife

    I love it! ps: think we’ll stick to the Ikea restaurant from now on!

  7. pappamick

    ha ha love it. we’ve all been there.

  8. helen

    worth waiting for…. as was the bookshelf!

  9. helen

    just love the last 2 windows!

    ps can I come and watch next time you get a flatpack??

  10. Alotron

    Thanks for the comments!
    NKH - wasn’t planned as a series unfortunately – might do a follow up ‘what happened next’ kind of thing some day though.
    Everyone else – yeah this is loosely based on my own adventures in flat-pack assembly :( Sometimes, in the dead of night, I swear I can hear an Allen key faintly turning, turning, somewhere in the house…

  11. pappamick

    Despite the trevails with ikee it could have been worse. In my day their equivalent were MFI, a vastly inferior outfit.

  12. Alotron

    MFI sounds like a covert-ops British Intelligence Agency. Flatpack night vision goggles.

  13. Jamie

    This is literally the best comic ever. Literally.

  14. Alotron

    Cheers Jamie :D
    Literally the best comment ever!

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