136. Have You Heard the News Today
October 12th, 2011

136. Have You Heard the News Today

Hey guys! New comic eh? Apols for the radio silence, but I guess the main reason I didn’t put up an explanatory blog post was because each week I sincerely believed that this would be the week I’d get a comic up. Hopefully it won’t be six weeks til the next one :D


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  1. Billy


    If you’re gonna be away that long, THIS is the way to restart!

  2. Bearman

    So are you saying you were enjoying the sunshine and a paying job?

  3. DJ Bogtrotter

    Ha, excellent. If it takes you six weeks to come up with a comic this good, then it was worth the wait.

  4. Alotron

    Billy/DJ – Cheers guys :)
    Bearman - needs must, old bean. …Well, except for the sunshine bit anyway!

  5. Brad

    ‘A bit of a waste of time, really’. Gold!

  6. K

    Final Panel Excellence.

  7. xzenoshot

    I won! you’re still alive afterall

  8. Onion

    War declared “silly”.

    Hahaha, YES!

  9. Alotron

    Thanks lads!
    Xzenoshot – No time for death. My work is not yet done. I do hope you won big though ;)

  10. Antoine Gagnon

    Ah! That makes me wonder, we come to the point where we are used to get bad news on TV. Anything different nowadays could be scary!

    Love the transition between the last 3 panels!

  11. Alotron

    Cheers Antoine! That’s it in a nutshell.

  12. Heather

    I’d react the same way if I saw a news program like that! Sad to say, but (though that the way the world would ideally be) it would show that something was wrong with the world! :)

  13. Jeff Couturier

    It was worth the wait, this was great.

  14. Alotron

    Thanks Jeff! …slipping behind schedule again, don’t look.

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