142. A Change of Scene
March 20th, 2012

142. A Change of Scene

A moment’s silence please, for this week Calamities of Nature, one of my favourite webcomics of the last few years, was retired gracefully by its creator due to the pressures of real life and career.  Even though it was becoming increasingly esoteric recently, it was always essential reading and will be sorely missed.  You can check out my Calamities guest strip here.

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  1. NKH

    But what do the other pullies do?!?!

    I love the kind of casually absurd/surreal world that they live in.

  2. Antoine Gagnon

    Love it!
    That’s the beauty of comics. You can have a whole strips without dialogues and yet, it tells so much. His face when he looks at the night version of the scenery is priceless

  3. Justin

    Beautifully drawn, and inspiring. Now I’ll have to start tugging on tree branches to see what happens.

  4. Alotron

    NKH - Man, I’d love to know that too. I’m a big fan of those tantalising little details in comics/books/movies that extend the story/world beyond the main narrative.

    Antoine - Wordless comics are great – I love when the opportunity to do one comes along.

    Justin - Cheers, don’t tug too hard though – squirrels!

  5. aoife

    Really cool, but he mustn’t be in Ireland as there would have been a substantial fine, a thick white line with a strongly worded message telling him not to cross it and the pullie would have been contained in a glass box to only be broken in the case of an emergency! xox

  6. DJ Bogtrotter

    Ha, love this one – and beautifully drawn too.

  7. Alotron

    Aoife - Heh, true. There’d still be a little fella in a scruffy uniform lurking nearby to tell you off though…

    DJ - Cheers!

  8. Tony Mcgurk

    Excellent non-dialogue strip. Very well put together Alotron

  9. Alotron

    Thank you sir!

  10. jynksie

    It goes without saying, you do good stuff! [grin]

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