141. Misfortune Cookie
March 12th, 2012

141. Misfortune Cookie

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  1. Geerble

    This is fucking grim.

  2. Jeff

    Yeah grim but funny. Best combo :)

  3. pappa mick

    Hope no copyright implications re name of restaurant and ye olde board game.

  4. Brotoflatron

    Dr. Mick Douglass then went home to see his darling son, who was tragically born part stick-insect.

  5. Gwen Smith

    Love the *Garth Marenghi* homage , does this mean Faraday is really Skipper the Eye-Child ?

  6. Alotron

    Geerble - It’s not that grim, is it? Sorry if it brought you down on a Monday morning :(
    Jeff - Tragedy + Time = comedy! (or something like that)
    Mick - I think this constitutes ‘fair use’. Free advertising if nothing else!
    Broto - Does he stop to wax philosophical with his best buddy, Luciano Sunshades?
    Gwen - Interesting hypothesis – maybe Skipper survived his savage beating at the hands of Dr. Rick Dagless MD and has reinvented himself courtesy of expensive prosthetics and a can of green paint…

  7. Tony Mcgurk

    I must never buy a fortune cookie, I must never buy a fortune cookie, I must never buy a fortune cookie,…

  8. Saeed

    This is so disturbingly awesome!! Love that last panel.

  9. Alotron

    Cheers Saeed!

  10. Jeff Couturier

    The homage to Darkplace Hospital is awesome (as is the rest of this comic).

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