144. Reel Gone
April 16th, 2012

144. Reel Gone

Hey, Faraday is ‘Pick of the Week’ over at Webcomics Alliance.  Check it out!


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  1. Brad

    Gone elfin’.

  2. rwe


  3. Bearman

    Had to wait till he was fattened up a bit

  4. Abban

    Ha! You should have had elf see some money and grab it, and the money was attached to a fishes fishing line?

  5. Alotron

    Brad - There’s a sign upon your door (in blood)
    Bearman - Patience is a virtue in fishermen!
    Abban - Elf has fallen for that one so often I never even bothered to make a comic about it. Seriously a dozen times or more. He never learns.

  6. Ol' Gui

    It took me some staring at the panels but then I noticed that after the rain there was a sandwich on the dock that hadn’t been there before and our fisherelf had taken a couple of bites before he stopped to consider- where the doo-dah did this come from and – badaboom – the most energetic hook set I have seen and our friend was whisked away. Hope he considered undersized and thrown back.

  7. Alotron

    Ol Gui;)

  8. pappa mick

    the worm has turned.

  9. Darrin

    love the time lapse in the panels.

  10. Christian Henry

    Your comics are just stunning, and funny to boot. This particular specimen too.

  11. jynksie

    Just like Elf, I’m HOOKED! [grin] …now reel me in! o.O

  12. Aoife

    That’s a class strip! V subtle… Only got it when ol gui spilt the beans!

  13. Alotron

    Cheers folks :)
    Jynkise – thought I had a bite alright :0

  14. Frankie D.

    Gah! At the end with no more comics….

  15. Alotron

    I’d better make some more so!

  16. Frankie D.


  17. Tony McGurk

    You reallycaptured the monotony of fishing well. I prefer to buy my fish. Safer too by the look of it. Don’t think I’ll eat Subway again…

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