145. Bad Blood
May 1st, 2012

145. Bad Blood

When I was a kid and I heard someone talking about ‘bleeding a radiator’, pretty much this scenario popped into my head :O

Also, drawing this comic made me want to play ‘Doom’ again for some reason…

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  1. Bearman

    First time I did that I had the similar outcome…though the liquid pouring out wasn’t red.

  2. Christian Henry

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Something absolutely gorgeous that’s what! I just love your artwork.

    Bonus info: I’m also laughing loud and outwards

  3. Helen

    Bleedin radiators…

  4. Helen

    But what DID he do……?

  5. Rhadamanthus

    Stop him, someone! He’s about to bleed the brakes…

  6. Justin

    I love this comic.

    And note to self: next time I need to bleed a radiator, use leeches.

  7. Alotron

    Thanks folks!
    Helen - I wish I knew! …on second thoughts maybe I don’t…
    Rhadamanthus - Yikes! That might have even more gruesome results :p
    Justin - Hilarious, there’s a follow up comic in that!

  8. Saeed

    Wow. Great expressions in this one.

  9. Alotron

    Thanks Saeed.

  10. Darrin

    SOOO many cool things going on in this strip, reflection of the blood, your blood brush and I love the Faraday face in panel 7. Good stuff man

  11. Denny Fincke

    Not much makes me laugh out loud, but this sure did. Great drawing and coloring too!

  12. Anonymous

    Look forward to the next installment, with Faraday running around a maze in the snow.

  13. Sandy

    Ha hahahaha best one yet! So perfect! Have you been reading ‘Crime and Punishment’ or something?

  14. doctorfluxx

    LOL I love this cartoon so much.

  15. Alotron

    Thanks fellas, glad you liked it :)
    Anonymous - the blood usually gets off at the second floor
    Sandy - Cheers man. Never read that, must get on it!

  16. keoghser

    “These hands….” this strip reminded me of this!

  17. Alotron

    How easily I could …..end the farce

  18. Tony McGurk

    I haven’t laughed this much at a comic in a long time. This is so hilarious. Brilliant artwork

  19. Alotron

    Thanks Tony! Glad you had a bit of a laugh :D

  20. SerkaliteMoron

    The plot twist is that he bleeded the man instead!

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