The Dark Blob Rises

I was having a bit of a rant on ol’ Twitter last night about comics, webcomics and the fickle whims of the internet, when I came to the startling conclusion that the secret to success in this game is all Batman and/or Spiderman references, all of the time, forever and ever (and maybe cats*).  I thought about shaking things up around here to appeal more to that sweet, sizeable audience… a few Batman jokes here and there, maybe resurrect the mysterious Masked Blob

Anyway, Faraday’s nascent and deeply cynical move into the sweat ‘n’ spandex hero-comics market has been given a fantastic boost by this poster for ‘The Dark Blob Rises’ which arrived via the Tweet-machine from insanely talented illustrator and skeptical Corkman Alan Barrett.  Alan, or ‘Hybrid Vigour’ as he’s know to his mum has a blogfolio which you should check out as though your life depended on it. Christopher Nolan just emailed to say it’s the second best thing he’s ever seen.

Cheers Al!

Also: Whubble is back! What’s Whubble? It is the best webcomic.

Sorry for using the word blogfolio.  I’m so sorry**.

* try also: bacon, coffee, coffee flavoured bacon, bacon flavoured coffee, ninjas, pirates, flatulence, random non-sequiturs, religion, Tesla, velociraptors, machine-gun Jesus, machine-gun velociraptor Jesus, unsettling celebrity drawings, and sums (hard ones).

** Or am I?! ***

*** (I am)

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  1. Bearman

    Love it

  2. Ciarán

    Don’t give in to popularism.

    (Gotham needs you)

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