149. Guest Comic by Christopher Baldwin
April 4th, 2013

149. Guest Comic by Christopher Baldwin

Well here’s a treat for ye!  You may or may not remember that a while back I did a guest comic for the mighty Spacetrawler, and great fun it was too (You can read it here).  By way of thanks, Spacetrawler’s polymath creator Christopher said he’d like to have a go at a Faraday strip in return.  Skip forward to yesterday, and this gem popped into my inbox out of the blue :)

It goes without saying that I love it, but I’ll resist the natural urge to waffle on about it too much and let the comic speak for itself.  Fantastic stuff.

I’ve talked about Spacetrawler here before, but suffice to say if your not reading it, you should be.  It’s scheduled to come to a barnstorming conclusion sometime in the Summer, so hop on board (first strip here), catch up, and enjoy the ride.  You won’t get a better mix of gags, philospohy, action and hilarious character design anywhere else.  Beyond the ‘Trawl, Christopher has a impressive back catalogue of other great comic work to be explored.  You can buy his books here.

Thanks again, Chris!

In other news, I’m putting together another site for my non-Faraday comics (tagged here as intermissions) which should go live in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  Faraday himself isn’t going anywhere, I still plan to update his adventures every now and again, but in full recognition of the fact that a regular complex, full colour piece of illustration is a bit beyond my scheduling capabilities at the moment ;)


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  1. Jeff

    This is great. LMAO.

  2. Anonymous

    Drugs’re bad, mmmkay?

  3. Brian Russell

    This is awesome. I love how elf is just speaking in broken sentences.

  4. John Sutton

    I thought I recognized that artwork … nobody draws wide open screaming mouths like Christopher. Soooo many teeth … :-)

  5. Alan

    Yeah – I absolutely love his artwork – particularly his facial expressions :0

  6. Tony McGurk

    Ha Ha!!! Hilarious. My Mum has a garden gnome, I wonder if…
    Nah it’s not possible

  7. Denny Fincke

    Usually fill in strips don’t work for me but I think Chris Baldwin did a good job at not losing the essence of the strip. It also reminds me that I haven’t checked out Space Trawler in a long time.

  8. Jason Poland

    Haha! perfect. You and Christopher would make a great collaborative team!

  9. Guillermo A

    Simply awesome!

  10. terry

    jajajaj great!!

  11. SerkaliteMoron

    Am I supposed to get this?

  12. Alotron


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