150. Validation
November 13th, 2013

150. Validation

Wahoo! The world’s greatest weekly webcomic returns for its annual update :)

How are ye all keeping?

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  1. aoife

    Love it, can only assume my life not in order as this is not response I get from Irish Rail officials (sad face) x

  2. tweeva

    Brilliant! Ticket validation is a very new thing on the Glasgow underground, but instead of regarding it as an unnecessary nuisance (as I did this very morning) from now on I shall think of this strip an chuckle my way out of the station. Thank you for that gift!

  3. Alotron

    This is the exact announcement I get on the train into town in the morning!

  4. Brad

    You are the boss of comics.

    I miss making my own! Gotta get back to it sometime…

  5. Alotron

    U validate me bro. Make more comics dammit!

  6. Jason Poland

    You draw the meanest double chin around, Alan B-)

  7. Alotron


  8. Tony McGurk

    I never get such great validation from a train ticket. Lucky Elf.

  9. Carl D'Agostino

    Tony sent me over. Great blog here.

  10. Ben

    faraday is a damn fine comic, glad for any updates =)

  11. Alan

    Carl/Ben – thanks guys – glad you like the comic :)

  12. Joseph

    I’m stalking Tony and ended up here. Beautiful artwork and wonderful message on the ticket, Alan. I’m gonna read up on the archives.

  13. Robertas

    Great comic:-) I rellay like your art.

  14. Alotron

    Thanks fellas.

  15. Johan™ Strandberg

    Love the humor and artwork. I just introduced my son to this strip and I hope he will experience a few more updates before he gets old and dies. Exponential update decay is a horrible way to go.

  16. Alotron

    Thanks, Johan™! Glad you like my work. I’ll do my best to get something new up here one day – the thought of your son growing old and dying without reading another FtB update fills me with deep sorrow.

    I am actually making more comics than at any other time in my life right now, just not …here.

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