100. Rainbow’s End
June 30th, 2010

100. Rainbow’s End

100 Blobisodes! Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks for all yer comments and feedback so far :D .

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  1. Dr. Dan

    Worth waiting for. Happy hundred-versary!

    Here’s to a hundred more! But any more than 200 would be just silly.

  2. Keoghbot

    Alo, Congrats on the tonne! it’s really goin from strength to strength..

    p.s. Dr. Dan, send me that $3 shoe archive pic!!

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  4. aoife

    Pure class! That’s an excellent cautionary tale…so Mr. Elf was right all along! Still though, I’d like to give it a go at the end of the rainbow, wouldn’t mind a free trip to Canada (I hope it is Canada…!) xox

  5. Alotron

    Cheers guys!

    Dan – if Pixar haven’t optioned my ‘Faraday versus Brazil 1970 in Space’ script by 200 strips, I’m winding this thing down and launching my illuminating secondary strip, Yadaraf the Bulb. It will feature strong language, and scenes of an adult nature, from the start. You have been warmed.

    Aoife – A Cautionary Tale indeed! If I just wrote ‘Cheap Credit’ on the side of the rainbow beast I could sell this to the New Yorker. If only Anglo-Irish Bank had listened to the short guy with the big nose and the funny hat!

  6. John The Android Slut From Mars

    Awsome! Happy 100th.

  7. papa mick

    which one is finian

  8. papa mick

    ps its a better rainbow than those at iguazu falls

  9. Tony

    Congrats on 100! That’s quite an accomplishment! Beautiful comic by the way.

  10. Peter

    Nice work and well done. You’re a rare talent (but you can’t dance for shit).

  11. Alotron

    Cheers all!

    JtASfM – love the name – were you in the film Total Recall by any chance?

    Mick - Funny you should say that – I used my Iguazu photos as reference for the colours

    Tony - Kind words, man, thanks!

    Peter - Sigh, you’re right. But, in my defense it’s these damn robot legs of mine… mind of their own!

  12. The Dude

    Happy 100! Nice strip to hit it with, too.

  13. Alotron

    Dude – Thanks! Sorry I peed on your rug, btw

  14. Tephlon

    That is some quality colouring work you’ve done there.

    Really nice.

    And congrats on the 100th strip and here’s hoping for loads more (I trawled through the archive and I came out the other side very impressed.)

  15. joe

    brilliant! congrats! (pm me Yadaraf the Bulb)

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  17. Russian girl

    You drawing is really fantastic..I love the color combination.

  18. Robert Sharp

    wow talk about eye catching! I love it keep it up please!!!!

  19. david miller

    This is great work – you have an amazing sense of color and your drawing is absolutely first class – I’m so pleased I found your site. And bravo for your century milestone.

  20. Alotron

    Thanks David, and good luck matching them christians.

  21. david miller

    Thanks for that Alotron. I am continually drawn back to your site. Your design is very rich so each visit I find a new bit to it. We do hope a lot of our Christians got matched on on Valentine’s day! LOL

  22. Carol Foster

    Now that one was creepy. Imagine something like that happens in real life!

  23. Sophia

    I love the story of this comic! It is really cute and I will give you thumbs up in this comic style blog. What a great work!

  24. Meryl

    This comic strip sure had me so envious and all. I once dreamed of making one quite like this and how I wish I could up to this day. Keep it coming!

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