101. Mr. Elf’s Bad Day
July 9th, 2010

101. Mr. Elf’s Bad Day

It mightn’t look it, but this comic has some of my favourite panels I’ve drawn for a while :)

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  1. Keoghbot

    heh heh – cash hole.

  2. Tweeva

    A new contender for my favourite Faraday strip? Yes.

  3. Helen

    Excellent, and Mr Elf’s got Jedward hair!!!

  4. Dr. Dan

    Whaaaaa? Faraday on a Friday?

    Top class episode, btw!

  5. http://gravatar.com/cormattack

    heheheh Hate when that happens..

  6. K


  7. jynksie

    Love the perspective in panel 10!

  8. Bearman

    Get out of here you poor bastard. My bank treats me that way too. haha

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  10. Alotron

    Thanks for the comments guys!
    @ Helen, don’t you mean Jedward have Mr. Elf hair? :)

  11. Anonymous

    Yes, he should sue them

  12. Anonymous

    Does he have an identical twin brother by any chance??

  13. Alotron

    …Jedward? Is that you(s)?

  14. Tim

    Gummi Lumps? I know its wrong but I really want to try them..

  15. papa mick

    is that an oink mug in panel 3?

  16. Alotron

    Mick – would you believe that that’s the ‘weeping pig’ motif I’ve been hiding away in my comics for as long as I can remember… I think it even predated oink! It’s not in every strip by any means but it’s dotted here and there throughout the archives…

    Tim – I know! My immediate reaction when I drew that was to go out and buy a bag of Haribo :P

  17. Keoghbot

    where can i order a ‘melancholy swine’ mug and cake carousel set?

  18. motivational speaker

    dejavu all over again. hahahah…

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  20. Brandon Lopez

    Sorry I just want to know, so wait is he stuck in a loop now? Good detail by the way.

  21. Dick

    That ATM panel has been on my iPhone’s lock screen for over eight years.
    Many thanks!

  22. Alotron

    @Dick Really? That’s pretty cool

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