113. Muggered
October 17th, 2010

113. Muggered

Hup! Here we are, a little late, but just in time for Monday’s 11am teabreak.

Vindicating the rumour mill, this week’s guest star is,  in fact, Angelina Jolie as (under heavy prosthetics courtesy of the Jim Henson studio) Bandito #1 (with the wooly hat).  Ms. Jolie has decided to up her presence in comics (both web and print) in a calculated attempt to snag a prestigious Eisner, or even a Harvey award, in lieu of the Oscar she is clearly never going to win.  She was paid in pizza and Tesco money-off vouchers for tea-bags.  In other news, these things take too long to make, I’m going to bed for a week.

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  2. Keoghbot

    love those 3 insomnia panels!

  3. pappamick

    Muggered is a parable of our times.The two crimbos are the two Brians double jobbing and the elf represents the supine populace.Reverse psychology rules.

  4. Hiller

    I’d go with that last comment. The one on the left is a ringer for Brian Lenihan.

  5. Alotron

    Keoghbot – thanks! Depth of field is the new lens flare – get into it!
    Pappamick/Hiller O_o Interesting analysis guys …From each according to his stupidity? Anyone else got any theories on the cryptoeconomic subtexts in these comics?!

  6. Dan Long

    Awesome work on this one (as usual). The blurry middle panel in the insomnia sequence was a perfect choice.

  7. Alotron

    Cheers Dan!

  8. @MKillustration

    Do NOT follow me on Twitter! I don’t want you to. SERIOUSLY!!!

  9. Potykacz Zewnetrzny

    My child was inmate of the month!

  10. Cranky Mc Stab

    Jolie won an Oscar for girl interrupted. She’s big into method acting.

  11. Alotron

    Best supporting actress though wasn’t it? They don’t count!

  12. motivational speaker

    i love this comic strip. hahaha… reverse psychology for robbers. thats rich. no violence needed.

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