114. The Mask
October 30th, 2010

114. The Mask

Here yis go – the traditional, nay, obligatory Halloween episode. *Thunder peals; a dog barks somewhere in the distance *

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  1. Sandy

    Hey, that’s reallyAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!

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  3. Helen

    Gross!!!!!!! ;0)

  4. aoife

    AAAAHHHH – extremely freaky – ewewewew!!!! xox

  5. @MKillustration

    I have a really funny comment about facelifts but… NAAAH… It’s over your heads.

  6. Bearman

    WEll now someone else has a costume to wear.

  7. Ciarán

    Love it!

  8. Alotron

    @MK – haha, very good :)
    @Bearman – Well he could always try putting it back on… bit of sellotape maybe?

  9. Xaos

    Love the comic. Just found it today, and have gone through the archives. You, sir, are awesome.

  10. Alotron

    Xaos – Hey thanks – Glad you like it!

  11. Cranky Mc Stab

    I – Frigging – Love – This Comic

  12. Alotron

    Glad to hear it Cranky! Please don’t stab me :0

  13. koanhead

    Damn, that is a meaty nose. But do I detect a little Pete Bagge homage going on?

  14. Alotron

    I think the big nose comes from challenging myself to draw characters with ever larger noses as a budding cartoonist. The primary culprit for sending me down that particular path was probably Jeremy Banx who drew for ‘Oink!’ comic. That man drew a quality nose.

  15. motivational speaker

    hahaha… to unmask or not to unmask. hahahha…

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