117. Hip to be Square
November 21st, 2010

117. Hip to be Square

I was into this comic before it was even drawn

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  2. Bearman

    I am so unhip I have no idea what Gola or Massey Ferguson is.

  3. Joenis

    I just found your comic via Calamities of Nature. You’re gonna be added to my bookmark list!

  4. pappamick

    ha ha. jaysus i needed that. oh to be fickle.

  5. aoife

    Elvish fashion is so hot right now! ps: Think Steve Zissou’s team was influenced by Mr. Elf’s look! xox

  6. Hiller

    And there’s enough of those pricks in Dublin. I’d love to round them all up and get them mixing cement mid-January on a building site. Pure fantasy I know, building sites in Ireland are like so 3 years ago.

  7. Dr. Dan

    Looks like Mr Elf laid about 3 dollars for his new shoes. Great episode!

  8. Dr. Dan


  9. Alotron

    Bearman - It’s ok, the hipsters don’t really know what they are either…
    Joenis - Sweet! Glad you like it.
    Pappamick - happy to provide a bit of cheer in the current climate! oh to be 19 and oblivious again…
    Aoife - Heh, right down to the handgun and piped electro music in his hat!
    Hiller - No! Don’t give them any ideas! I don’t want to see hipsters in hard hats and steel toed boots :( ‘Dude I was in recession before you were even worried’
    Dr. Dan – O He laid his money down ($3)

  10. W.L. Douglas

    Great shoes! Great Episode!

  11. Tim

    Pfft. I had this comic on vinyl.

  12. Alotron

    W.L. Douglas – cheers! I really wanted the shoes to be faux-snakeskin, but it just looked muddy…
    Tim – Oh yeah? I have the original field recordings of this comic on wax cylinder.

  13. joe

    love it

  14. Alotron

    Good man Joe!

  15. Tony

    Ha Ha I hate SMS type abbreviations but this really did make me LOL. Massey Ferguson cap, that’s not hip that’s just so down on the farm

  16. Christalyn Pagente

    Lol..nice trending comic you’ve made them so hippy. You’re really have a great color while making your comic. It’s very attractive.

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