Intemission: Guest Comic by Beartoons
December 11th, 2010

Intemission: Guest Comic by Beartoons

This week’s update has been generously provided by Bearman of the fantastic BEARTOONS online comic repository.  Bearman normally works on the editorial/commentary side of things and true to form, he took the news of my son’s recent arrival and ran with it.  I really like his take on my characters, particularly Faraday, and amazingly he managed to get the baby pretty much spot on too.

So big, big thanks to Bearman for this groovy comic – I really appreciate it :D

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  1. Helen

    There should be a like button! LIKE

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  4. Bearman

    Loved messing with your characters. I promoted it on my site so beware of your server crashing..haha

  5. nursemyra

    congrats on the new baby

  6. Tony

    That gnome guy’s nose reminds me of a certain breed of dog, a Giant Schnauzer
    Congratulations on your new arrival

  7. Colleen Dick

    Congrats on the new baby! You can kiss sleep good bye unless you go check into a hotel, and your wife might not appreciate that.

  8. Ciarán

    Is Alan the elf or the blob in this cartoon!?

  9. George

    Nice rendering of the characters, Bearman, and all-around great guest strip!

  10. Alotron

    Thanks for all the congrats, guys!
    Helen – Like button? I’m tryin’ ta run a classy joint here :p
    Ciarán – Well, not Mr. Elf, as my nights out are more Guinness and battered sausages than beer and chilli dogs…

  11. koanhead

    Is Dara your child’s name? Or was this perhaps some sort of reflection on Dara O’ Briain?

  12. Alotron

    Yes, Dara is our son’s name!
    I did hear that Dara O’Briain sleeps like a baby though, on top of a large pile of money.

  13. Frank L. Dade

    Nice comic hahah! made me smile! Nice rendering of the characters and the dialog is good! :)

  14. Faith

    Great! Congrats on the new baby!

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