120. The Nightmare Front
January 9th, 2011

120. The Nightmare Front

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  1. aoife

    Another reason to use a tumble dryer wherever possible! xox

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  3. Bearman

    I think that might be the least of his worries….duh duh duh.

  4. Ciarán


    what an odd shaped country they seem to live in!

  5. Alotron

    Aoife - haha – excellent! The only problem is that Mr. Elf’s dryer is haunted too…
    Bearman - OMG it’s raining bloo– dammit this is my favourite shirt!
    Ciarán - Well… most countries are oddly shaped if you stop to think about ‘em!

  6. pappamick

    super. a tribute to all those who prioritise the mundane.

  7. Hiller

    Is frame 3 a postcard from Wales?

  8. jynksie

    What exactly do they put in your potato’s over there?!? o.O The sh*t you come up with is fantastically singular! *grin* If I saw that cloud coming, I’d crap myself!

  9. Tony

    I guess the blood & bone rain would be good for their veggie gardens

  10. Helen

    Is it a metaphor for what’s to come here??????!!!!!!!! Now I’m worried….


  11. Helen

    ps “Sty Weather” haha

  12. Alotron

    Pappamick - The real reason I hope there’s never a war here is on account of my stuff might get blown up…
    Hiller - Could be! I was in Rhyll once and it looked a bit like this, only with even more skulls…
    Jynksie - Er, thanks… I think! We phased out potato production here years ago and started growing frozen pizzas instead – must check the ingredients :0
    Tony - Nice bit of horrifying bonemeal never did the soil any harm…
    Helen - Thanks! ‘Sty Weather’ is a bit of a throwback to this

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