121. Born and Bread
January 16th, 2011

121. Born and Bread

Have you seen this important public service announcement?

Also: Arsebook!

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alan Moloney. Alan Moloney said: RT @Alotron: Forsooth! There's a lyrical loaf in this week's Faraday comic! http://bit.ly/gnTi05 #comics #webcomics #poetry [...]

  2. Patrick Brown

    Aargh. That hurt.

  3. Keoghbot

    man that brings me back to the leaving cert, yowza!

  4. Helen


  5. Bearman

    What did he write down? I am slow.

  6. aoife

    Jaysus, sure that’s just half-baked! xox

  7. Alotron

    Patrick, Keoghbot – Sorry, sorry…
    Bearman - He didn’t write anything it’s the recipe he printed off the internet!
    Aoife - Ha ha, very good :)

  8. Anonymous

    It still rose pretty well despite the absence of yeast, good work Faraday, Rachel Allen would be proud.

  9. Tony

    I’m slow like Bearman, he didn’t put yeast in so what did he put in instead??? Or will the next cartoon reveal all

  10. Helen

    I think you have to be Irish or a at least a William Butler YEATS scholar…

  11. Alotron

    Bearman/Tony – Without giving it away, it’s a pun on the name of a famous Irish poet whose name is a close anagram of ‘yeast’! Hope that helps :)

  12. Araneidae

    Alotron, thank you for the explanation, afraid I’m not very familiar with poetry, and although the babbling of the bread had a familiar ring, the joke was flying right over my head.

  13. Alotron

    Anonymous (if that is your real name) – Heh, expect Rachel Allen to have a poetry based cook book out for next Christmas called ‘Rosemary and Rhyme’.
    Araneidae - You’re welcome! I did think the joke in this was a bit too obscure alright, but the opportunity to draw said poet as a loaf of bread was too hard to resist!

  14. Brad

    Wow, your art is stellar. Really, really nice!

  15. Alotron

    Thanks Brad!

  16. Tony

    Yates seems to be the only one that makes any sort of sense but I never heard of an Irish poet named Yates. Beats me I am not a poet follower, guess I’ll have to wait & find out later

  17. Militant Bibliophile

    He put in Yeats (an Irish poet whose poems are being…appropriated by the loaf) instead of yeast

  18. motivational speaker

    ohhh…now i got it. good thing i read the comments or i would have never guessed what the pun was about.

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