122. Remaining Anomalous
January 29th, 2011

122. Remaining Anomalous

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  2. MKillustration

    Bet there was something in the coffe

  3. Hiller

    It’s one of those Kobayashi mugs. Man, those things are always breaking.

  4. Brotoflatron

    The small details are that Alternate Faraday is actually yellow, and that yellow and green are reversed there.

  5. Brad

    Whoa, that would make pee green. Mind. Blown.

  6. Julien

    Now we’ll never know!

    Or did anyone notice any differences, in case that that *is* the mirror universe?

  7. Tony

    Amazingly amazing & astoundingly astounding. The universe is so huge yet it chooses to set up it’s anomaly in Faraday’s house. Love the breaking coffee cup. Your artwork is simply brilliant

  8. Alotron

    MKillustration – Perhaps, or maybe it’s just a brown herring…
    Hiller - Yes. More than usual, one suspects.
    Broto/Brad/Julien – Well, now you’ve all changed the universe by observing it.
    Tony - Thanks!

  9. tweeva


  10. Hiller

    Badum-tish!!! what a comeback

  11. bman

    Excellent multiverse comic! Win!

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