123. Sheer Heart Attack
February 7th, 2011

123. Sheer Heart Attack

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  1. Bearman

    Cupid went off his meds again I see.

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  3. Sandy

    Can’t wait to see your Valentine’s Day card designs… ;)

    Does this mean that a coronary bypass is a roadway that allows you to avoid driving through downtown Coronary?

  4. Tony

    Life is like Faraday the blob.com you just never know what you’ll get. This is so sick I love it. On par with Faraday exploding in the microwave!

  5. Helen

    Thumpa thumpa …. ha ha

  6. Caz

    Now I’m wondering what an experience a “Cardiac Arrest” would be for Faraday. :)

  7. bman


  8. Alotron

    Thanks for the comments guys! You’ve given me food for thought for future strips there! Sandy - Downtown Coronary is where all the tastiest food places and least responsible lifestyle-choice emporia are located, why would you wanna bypass it? ;)

  9. wit

    LOL! I love a good play on words saddled with some gratuitous gore.

  10. Alotron

    Cheers Wit! Gore is more.

  11. Helen

    My Bloody Valentine!

  12. C

    Nothing says I love you like gore.

  13. J Babb

    Great joke, and amazing strip! I’m bookmarking your site.

  14. Alotron

    Woo! Thanks J Babb!

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