41. Lift to Experience
April 10th, 2009

41. Lift to Experience

Welcome Predators!

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  1. aoife

    Aaaaah… sinister mr. ryan, the thoughts that lurk in them brains of yours.

  2. Gabriel

    If that poster is a reference to a certain Wilco album, then I’m happy about that.
    Obviously that has no effect on whether this is funny or not (which it is). I like how the alligator/crocodile seems so innocuous in panels 2 and 8.

  3. Alotron

    It is indeed a reference to a certain (magnificent) Wilco album! I actually can’t remember if I drew him as an alligator or a crocodile… I think he’s a croc, judging by the long snout…? Either way, he’s discovered that practised nonchalance is a powerful weapon in the modern predator’s arsenal!

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