42. The Christo Maze
April 17th, 2009

42. The Christo Maze

This is based on an almost true story… We visited an art gallery last year where we actually had to forage to find any actual art, but were presented with many cultural retail opportunities.  Thankfully I am very much pro-cake – outlets for which were abundant – so all was well in the end!

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  2. Marc Azada

    Wow! Seems like this was one hard work! The story on the comic was realistic in some ways. I may have thought that the story was based on experience which is actually surprising.

  3. Carol Foster

    I find it amusing that going to Art Gallery now a days can be that boring because a lot of those presented in the gallery are rubbish.

  4. Honey Blossom

    I’m a Bitstripper. BTW, you know what the german word “Gift” means? Poison

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