Come in blob fort, over

This is blob fort.

As you may/probably have noticed I’ve been updating ninja style lately – chucking a comic up without warning under cover of darkness and then melting back into the shadows again for a week or two.  This is because, also ninja style, I have moved house again (never sleep in the same place two years running!) and my computers and miscellaneous drawing things are variously buried in and under small mountains of cardboard boxes.  Oh yeah, no internet either which doesn’t help :/

So there probably won’t be a new comic this week, but hopefully I’ll be able to excavate my desk and get everything sorted really soon – I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into making comics regularly again.

In the meantime, thanks for all your patience and comments :) .  Feel free to give out to me by email if you like!


Ps: The mighty Crowbar has a new book out – Go see!

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  1. WG

    We’ll be waiting with baited breath until your return. Please don’t forsake us for too long, or we’ll all turn interesting colours :)
    Moving house is an arse… best of luck with it!

  2. Sandy

    That’s funny, not internet would actually make me MORE productive, not less!

    And on a personally embarrassing note: I live in a tiny little town of about 300 people. We just had a new bank manager arrive. He’s from Ireland! I meet him for the first time, and actually said, “Hey, do you know Alan Ryan? He’s from Dublin, too!” I received the look of distaste that I deserved…

    And hey, thanks for the shout out about the book! Pretty excited to finally have it out!

  3. Alotron

    Your new bank manager is from Ireland?! 110% mortgage you say? Not a problem! Loan for your dog is it? Sure no bother, here you go! Our loan book now exceeds our capacity to ever repay it by a factor of billions you say? Ah well sure didn’t we have a good time!

    High five on the book – looking forward to getting one in the near future!

  4. Hiller

    I’m twiddling my thumbs patiently….

  5. Glennda Mirabete

    Well if that’s me, I would really be productive when there’s an internet just like you.

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