Spacetrawler Guest Comic!

Well would you look at that – I’ve got a guest strip up over at the mighty Spacetrawler today! Most of you probably know Spacetrawler already, but just in case you don’t, lemme tell ya – you’re in for a treat.  It’s a long form Sci-fi epic with a great cast of characters that manages to of stuff in as many jokes and visual gags as possible while still telling an engaging story.  And I love the art – as a cartoonist, browsing the ST archives can be inspirational – check out the crowd scenes here for example.

I’d recommend starting from the start.

I’m a big fan of Spacetrawler so when its creator Chris Baldwin asked me to help out I jumped at the opportunity.  My only regret was that I couldn’t fit more of his regular cast into the strip, but honestly, the plot moves so fast that I didn’t want to risk being overtaken!  I had great fun writing the Wrls though – I came up with so much back story for them that the hard part was paring the script back to one page – maybe they’ll be brought back for a future comic round these parts…

So there you go – it’s not a Faraday comic, but it’s an update of sorts.  Faraday should return this weekend!

Also: Hello to anybody dropping by from Spacetrawler for the first time – welcome, hope you find something you like here :D

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  1. aoife

    Moonlighting elsewhere, eh? Great strip btw!

  2. Sandy

    Amazing strip over at Spacetrawler!

  3. Alotron

    Ta guys!

  4. JP

    love it. got a nice hitchhikers vibe there!

  5. Alotron

    Cheers JP – that’s just what I was going for (with maybe a dash of Kilgore Trout as well)!

  6. nerry

    Nice comic. I love it :) Good work,i should say thumbs up :)

  7. nam

    Great comic. I like it. You did a good job for making this comic so nice. Thumbs up :)

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