134. Duck!
August 4th, 2011

134. Duck!

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  1. K

    Yeah… but via-ducked?

  2. Brad

    That duck looks dangerous. Mr.Elf’s actions are for the best.

  3. Aoife

    duck it I love it!

  4. Tony McGurk

    Better to duck from the duck than not duck & get a duck in the head by a low flying duck

  5. Tony McGurk

    Doh I had the wrong email address

  6. jynksie

    This comic is totally QUACKING me up! HAH! …. what? o.O

  7. Eric

    Back around 1965 or thereabouts, Mad Magazine did a parody of Donald Duck, the first two or three panels of which were the converse? inverse? of the gag in this FTB strip. Ah, the memories….

  8. Alotron

    Guys I am so glad this comic enabled you to fire off some truly terrible puns. I feel we are all enriching the culture somehow ;)

    Eric - Interesting – can that be found online anywhere?

  9. Hiller

    Who gives a flying duck?

  10. Alotron

    Guys these jokes are totally mallard… wait, what’s the game again?

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