135.  Flutter By
August 17th, 2011

135. Flutter By

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  1. jynksie

    Thats one hell of a brassiere my dear! o.O [grin]

  2. Brad

    I will never trust a Flutterby again! Are they all so ugly?

  3. bman (The Underfold)

    Oh. my. god.

  4. pappa mick

    bra worn in style observed at outdoor fitting room at a certain market en sarkys realm aka france?

  5. Dr. Dan

    Wow, what a fine specimen of the rare Lepidoptera Strumpis Floozicus; commonly known as the “Slutterfly”.

    That sammich is worthy of the Keoghbot..

  6. Alotron

    Jynksie - It’s a special ‘going out’ brassiere
    Brad - They are not to be trusted under any circumstances.
    bman - I’m so very sorry
    Mick - Ha ha, could be. What’s the French for butterfly?
    Dan - Ah yes the common or garden Slutterfly, embodying of the cheap showiness of nature.

    I got hungry drawing that sammich, lemme tell ya.

  7. pappamick

    starring dustin hoffman.

  8. Bearman

    What’s a Faraday taste like?

  9. Justin

    I love Faraday’s expressions in this comic. Great job!

  10. Dranorter

    Oh man just finished your archives. What else do you draw?

  11. Hiller

    If only sandwiches like that really existed, I think I’ll have to make one.

  12. Darrin

    Ha he’s watching adventure time.

  13. Alotron

    Bearman: I think you answered your own question before here
    Justin: Why thank you!
    Dranorter: Mostly Faraday at the moment, a few other things in the works. I’ve done a few guest strips (check the bits & bobs link at the top).
    Hiller: Do it. Take pictures.
    Darrin: It’s the best thing on TV!

  14. Keoghbot

    Hey guys sorry i’m late commenting – was makin one of my patented ‘Titan-wiches’, (Titanic Sandwich) then was laid up for a few days in food coma.. Nice corporate skull mug Faraday

  15. Alotron

    The titan-wich ingredients: One loaf of bread, 14 lbs of mixed comestibles and an engineering degree.

  16. Bearman

    I spew so much wisdom on the internet, I need someone else to keep track.

  17. Anonymous

    When a new comic coming out its been more that a month

  18. Alotron

    Hey Anonymous, if that is your real name – there are new comics in the works, hoping to get a new one up this week, but if not early next week!

  19. colm ryan

    love that last frame, man. good work.

  20. Alotron

    Thanks Colm!

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