140. Scratch and Snuff
March 2nd, 2012

140. Scratch and Snuff

Buying things from the fella with the pale fish-like face down the pub  never ends well.

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  1. JEff

    The card of Cthulu

  2. Icalasari

    Not everybody is dead

    The unnameable horror is still alive

    I am disappoint >:|

  3. aoife

    the lesser mentioned perils of gambling under the influence (ps what was bunzo drinking in that pub?!)

  4. Alotron

    Jeff – Nice! Might have made a better title.
    Icalasari Well… as the corporeal manifestation of an ancient cosmic evil in our world, the unnameable horror could be said to not actually be technically ‘alive’ in our limited mortal understanding of the concept… Ergo, everbody’s dead (sorta) :)
    Aoife What were you drinking? Bunzo’s drinking a nice cup of tea – Mr. Elf was down the boozer ;)

  5. Sandy

    Mr. Elf is a… ginger?! Who knew? :D

  6. Alotron

    To quote Tim Minchin: ‘Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger’ :)

    Mr. Elf’s dazzling barnet has been seen before – I think this was the first time: Mr. Elf’s Bad Day, also here: The Mask. There’s probably more but I can’t remember right now… I thought it would be funny if his hair was the exact same colour and, er, shape as that ridiculous hat he likes to wear.

  7. Tony Mcgurk

    Mister Elf’s uncapped. A historic moment like the unmasking of the masked man. I will never buy one of those tickets again

  8. Alotron

    Smart move, Tony. There’s too much risk and uncertainty – sure you might win a few bob, but there’s also the chance you’ll be devoured by a cyclopean mass of evil tentacles, and have your hat knocked off in the process :0

  9. Jeff Couturier


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