152. The Warning
Monday — September 25th, 2017

152. The Warning

Me until I catch up on Game of Thrones, basically.

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Mr. Blob

Threw this together inspired by my two-year old’s favourite bed-time stories. Every time I read one to him, this image popped into my head.  Might actually put together a little story in the original style for fun (as a loving homage, Hargreaves estate legal squad)!

100% Dundee

First things first (in case you missed it on the Facebook page) – I’m in The Beano! :D

This is a bit of a dream come true, and goes part of the way to explaining why there’s been little or no activity on this site for a while.  If you’re in the UK or Ireland (and possibly elsewhere, I’m not sure…) why not pick up a copy and check out the mini-strip I’ve got running for the next six weeks starring ‘Danny Diddly O’Donoghue’; it’s a leprechaun-themed parody of rock-star incongruence told via the 3-panel medium! I’ll be doing a few more things for them after that as well too :)

If you’ve got young people in your life, you could do a lot worse than gifting them a copy of the comic – while its new direction may have upped the pop-culture references, it still retains its humour and trademark mildly anarchic charm.  All the old characters are still there, and some have been given timely makeovers to bring them more into the 21st Century – in particular Jamie Smart’s hilarious and energetic reboot of Rodger the Dodger (who seemed weirdly anachronistic even back in the 80s when I was a kid), and Alexander Matthews’ fantastic re-imagining of Ball Boy.

In the meantime, Faraday lives on in my sketchbooks, forever threatening to make a return.  I don’t feel like this site is moribund, or even on hiatus – life moves at such a fast pace that sometimes even I get a shock when I realise the last ‘new’ Faraday was in December last year!  Faraday is a labour of love, and each strip takes a bit of time to produce from script to screen – so I’ve decided to launch a sister-site (EmbassyofMars.com – don’t look, there’s nothing there at the moment!) asap where I can put sketches and non-Faraday stuff including the B&W comics  that appear on this site as ‘intermissions’.  There’ll be a proper announcement when it’s up and running & I promise I’ll do my best to get something going again here soon!

Cheers all,


The Dark Blob Rises

I was having a bit of a rant on ol’ Twitter last night about comics, webcomics and the fickle whims of the internet, when I came to the startling conclusion that the secret to success in this game is all Batman and/or Spiderman references, all of the time, forever and ever (and maybe cats*).  I thought about shaking things up around here to appeal more to that sweet, sizeable audience… a few Batman jokes here and there, maybe resurrect the mysterious Masked Blob

Anyway, Faraday’s nascent and deeply cynical move into the sweat ‘n’ spandex hero-comics market has been given a fantastic boost by this poster for ‘The Dark Blob Rises’ which arrived via the Tweet-machine from insanely talented illustrator and skeptical Corkman Alan Barrett.  Alan, or ‘Hybrid Vigour’ as he’s know to his mum has a blogfolio which you should check out as though your life depended on it. Christopher Nolan just emailed to say it’s the second best thing he’s ever seen.

Cheers Al!

Also: Whubble is back! What’s Whubble? It is the best webcomic.

Sorry for using the word blogfolio.  I’m so sorry**.

* try also: bacon, coffee, coffee flavoured bacon, bacon flavoured coffee, ninjas, pirates, flatulence, random non-sequiturs, religion, Tesla, velociraptors, machine-gun Jesus, machine-gun velociraptor Jesus, unsettling celebrity drawings, and sums (hard ones).

** Or am I?! ***

*** (I am)

Murder and Skully

If the rumours are to be believed (they are) I have a guest strip up today over at the ever fantastic Corporate Skull! It’s part of a week of guest strips running over there at the moment featuring some really cool people, so have a root around.Ol' Bonebonce

I’ve gone on about Corporate Skull before here, so you’re probably all familiar with it.  If not, it’s on a break between chapters at the moment so now is a good time to catch up.  Skull’s hilarious creator Jamie Smart is a prolific guy, so if you like what you see head straight over to his hub site Fumboo for more, or start with my own personal fave Whubble.

Big HELLO to anyone dropping by from Corporate Skull; there’s lots to see here, do stick around :)