152. The Warning
Monday — September 25th, 2017

152. The Warning

Me until I catch up on Game of Thrones, basically.

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Looky looky – I’ve done a quick Q&A for the excellent Irish Comic News site!

FtB at three

Hey folks – how about that, it’s three years since this comic went live on the ol’ innernets. Big thanks to you all for reading, commenting, emailing, correcting spelling mistakes etc. Feedback is great – keep it comin’!  Thanks also for your patience over the last while, I know the site’s been updating on average every other week in 2011, but I still love making these comics and there’s always something new in the works, even if it’s not hitting the site as regularly.

Remember you can always subscribe to the RSS feed, ‘like’ the Faraday Facebook page or follow on Twitter and never miss an update :) .

In time honoured tradition here’s a little rundown of the five most popular comics on the site from the past year!

5. Hip to be Square

Hipsters eh? Braces, pomade and pencil moustaches, loved and loathed in equal measure.  More power to ‘em says I.

4. A Remarkable Sunset

The most recent entry in the list.   Another one of those strips that I was unsure about right up to posting that ended up being way more popular than I imagined.  Must be the keytar.

3. Cat’s Outta the Bag

Cats! The innernet loves cats, so this one did well depsite being more text than drawing.

2. Mr. Elf’s Bad Day

Glad to see this one doing so well, as it’s one of my own favourites.  Nice and simple, it still contains some of my favourite panels I’ve drawn.  Poor old Mr. Elf, he just can’t get a break.

1. Bongo Bongo Bongo

A surprise entry at number one – an old strip about the video game ‘Fallout’, which is a post-apocalyptic RPG.  This one was rediscovered by Reddit around the time of the release of Fallout: New Vegas’ and has been linked around the place ever since.  I am particularly proud of the last V.A.T.S panel, and still hear the sound effect every time I look at it :D

Conclusions: The key to webcomics success seems to be pop-culture references, video games and cats.  Who knew!  Expect nothing but this, relentlessly and forever more (not really).

Thanks for clickin’.

Spacetrawler Guest Comic!

Well would you look at that – I’ve got a guest strip up over at the mighty Spacetrawler today! Most of you probably know Spacetrawler already, but just in case you don’t, lemme tell ya – you’re in for a treat.  It’s a long form Sci-fi epic with a great cast of characters that manages to of stuff in as many jokes and visual gags as possible while still telling an engaging story.  And I love the art – as a cartoonist, browsing the ST archives can be inspirational – check out the crowd scenes here for example.

I’d recommend starting from the start.

I’m a big fan of Spacetrawler so when its creator Chris Baldwin asked me to help out I jumped at the opportunity.  My only regret was that I couldn’t fit more of his regular cast into the strip, but honestly, the plot moves so fast that I didn’t want to risk being overtaken!  I had great fun writing the Wrls though – I came up with so much back story for them that the hard part was paring the script back to one page – maybe they’ll be brought back for a future comic round these parts…

So there you go – it’s not a Faraday comic, but it’s an update of sorts.  Faraday should return this weekend!

Also: Hello to anybody dropping by from Spacetrawler for the first time – welcome, hope you find something you like here :D

Come in blob fort, over

This is blob fort.

As you may/probably have noticed I’ve been updating FtB.com ninja style lately – chucking a comic up without warning under cover of darkness and then melting back into the shadows again for a week or two.  This is because, also ninja style, I have moved house again (never sleep in the same place two years running!) and my computers and miscellaneous drawing things are variously buried in and under small mountains of cardboard boxes.  Oh yeah, no internet either which doesn’t help :/

So there probably won’t be a new comic this week, but hopefully I’ll be able to excavate my desk and get everything sorted really soon – I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into making comics regularly again.

In the meantime, thanks for all your patience and comments :) .  Feel free to give out to me by email if you like!


Ps: The mighty Crowbar has a new book out – Go see!